Information About Our Office

richeson-drive-locationRicheson Drive Pediatrics is by choice a small group of general pediatricians who prefer to practice personalized medicine in a caring environment. Our goal is to provide high quality health care at a reasonable cost. In our practice, we emphasize preventive medicine and parent education.

We routinely return our own phone calls, unlike most large groups which often use nurses to return phone calls. A physician from our practice is always on call and available for emergencies when the office is closed. The physician on call can be reached by calling our office number 434-385-7776. After office hours, an answering service will pick up calls at this number. If there is an emergency, please ask the operator to page us. Please save routine calls, such as diaper rash or refills of medications for regular office hours.

All children are seen by appointment for well and sick visits. This allows the physicians to spend adequate time with each patient and reduces waiting time. Please call as early in the day as possible. We start answering the phone to make appointments at 8:30 A.M. If your child is sick, we will always be able to schedule an appointment the same day.

Our evaluations are thorough. We spend more time with each child we see than most practices do. We are always on the lookout for anything that could impact your child’s long-term health and well-being, and that determination cannot always be made quickly. While we work very hard to use your time well and respect your busy schedule, sometimes there is a choice between spending that extra few minutes with your child or rushing to the next appointment. We are committed to spending the time that is needed with your child.


Richeson Drive Pediatrics strives to see all children when they are sick and need to be seen. Providers are available daily for sick call. They may not be your regular Doctor/Nurse practitioner but they are all equally experienced in sick and well child care. Remember we are open on weekends too! Saturday from 9-12 AM. and Sunday from 9-11AM.

We can do a better job treating your child during regular office hours when we have our experienced nurses and familiar office surroundings readily available. Also, care is least expensive during regular office hours. Our Doctors know your child best.
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Personal Care

No two kids are exactly alike. From birth through age 21, our patients receive the individualized care they deserve. As children grow to adolescence, we create and environment that’s safe for them to talk to their physician about sensitive issues and begin to learn how to manage their own health as they grow in to adulthood.
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History of RDP

richeson-drive-pediatrics-historyRicheson Drive Pediatrics was founded in 1972 by Dr. John A. Stephenson. RDP has grown through the years from a one physician office into a five physician practice with a nurse practitioner.

The office was originally located on Langhorne Road across from E.C. Glass High School. It was moved into a cape cod house on Old Forest Road in the mid seventies. Needing additional space the present office building was built in the early 1980’s on Richeson Drive. The practice has expanded and added services since then.

The practice has always stressed the individual care and a close doctor patient relationship since opening.  The physicians continue to do almost all of their own calls. The office has always specialized in pediatric patients from birth until 21 years of age.
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There are a number of ways to request refills on existing medications. Richeson Drive Pediatrics uses a web-based electronic prescribing system called Allscripts. The fastest and easiest means to get a refill is to ask the pharmacist to request a refill through this system. If the prescription cannot be requested electronically, then the pharmacy may fax us a request at (434)200-1675.  If you need the prescription within 24 hours, please call our office (434)385-7776.

If you are requesting a refill of a medication that another provider, such as a subspecialist has prescribed, we cannot fill it without a consultation note or documentation from that provider with the current medication dose on it. It is requested that you seek such refills from the prescribing doctor. Request that records always be forwarded to your primary physician for this reason!
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RDP Billing Policy

Due to upcoming changes in all insurance plans, we have been advised to develop a financial policy.

Beginning January 01, 2016, we will be collecting deductibles and co-payments at every visit. You may be asked to pay your balance if you have not met your deductible prior to services rendered. Failure on our part to collect deductibles and co-payments may be flagged by insurance companies as failure to submit claims appropriately. Thank you in advance for helping us do our part that is required by insurance companies.

Furthermore, we will need to see your most recent insurance card and driver license at every visit. By providing us with your correct insurance information, we will be able to file your insurance company appropriately, and thereby reducing your balance. Please read our Patient Financial Policy and feel free to ask us any questions.

Most insurance companies cover 100% of annual health checkups for your child. After the age of two, your children should be seen yearly. Please call our office to set up an appointment at your earliest convenience. As always, Richeson Drive Pediatrics is committed to providing quality and affordable health care. We want your out-of-pocket expenses kept to a minimum, and your new year to start out healthy and happy.

We are pleased to offer online bill pay for your convenience. Click the button below to make your secure payment processed by Xpress-Pay.

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Well Visits and Co-Pays

As you may be aware, Federal law mandates that insurance companies cover all doctor visits for preventive (well) services at 100%. This means that no payment is due from you as long as the preventive portion of the care given to your child is usual, customary and reasonable with respect to parental concerns and time involved.

However, during well child visit, a parent may have additional concerns regarding a potential medical illness or condition. Likewise, the physician may find an abnormality that requires further investigation. Please understand that, in this case, the doctor must code not only the preventive service, but also any another procedure performed as well as all additional diagnosis your child may have. This may be an ear infection, poor weight gain, rash, behavior problems, etc.

Physicians are required to code all diagnosis observed in every visit including the well visit. Depending upon the diagnosis and other factors, the physician is required to submit to your insurance company a well and sick procedure code together for the same date of service. This will generally result in a co-pay or cost-share for the sick diagnosis portion of the visit.

In the interest of conserving your time, energy and efforts, Richeson Drive Pediatrics will continue to offer comprehensive medical services at each well visit and WILL NOT require you to schedule an additional office visit to evaluate these sick diagnosis observed during the well visit.Your insurance will process the sick visit according to your benefits.

This may result in a co-payment or the visit may be applied to your deductible, both of which are your responsibility. Co-payment and deductibles for the additional diagnosis will not be collected at the time of the visit so we can determine how the insurance company defines your benefits. You may, at a later date, receive a statement in the mail for any additional payments required for this additional office visit if it is not covered in full by your insurance company.

Please contact our billing department if you have any questions about your statement or your account.


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When your provider recommends seeking out a pediatric specialist, they will refer you to a physician usually from a nearby teaching hospital. Depending on your insurance plan you may or may not need an authorization for the referral – your provider will not know this and it is your responsibility to get this information from your insurer. You will also need to verify that this specialist is in network prior to the visit.

Steps to a Successful Referral

  1. Check with your insurance company to see that the specialist to intend to see is a participating physician in your plan.
  2. Our referral coordinator will make or help you make your appointment and verify that the specialist is still a participating provider with your insurance. Do this even if the appointment you are making needs to be expedited by our staff or still needs an authorization or referral form. By doing this you get your name and information into their computer systems.
  3. Some insurance companies require a referral form that must be generated by our practice. Verify this with your insurer.
  4. If your insurer requires a special referral form, contact our office with the following information:
  • name of specialist
  • phone number of specialist
  • your appointment time and date
  1. Before being seen you should have received a copy of the referral by mail or if you had requested it to be faxed to the specialist, verify that the specialist has received it. In many cases we cannot backdate the referral. Please note that any charges due to the lack of a referral will be your responsibility as per the insurance company.